A powerful new CMS and flexible design...

With the launch of the new website system we have created a number of bespoke functionality features, specifically for TKAT. 

Academies will have the option to display any of these panels on the home page. The positioning of each panel can also be reordred, via the new CMS, within your home page. This not only ensures that you can prioritise what is most important to your school, but also gives the opportunity to amend the layout and add/remove dynamic panels at any time, via your new CMS. 

We are aware that one of the shortfalls within the current website offering is that each site looks almost identical to the other TKAT schools. With the build of this new system we have approached the design from a completely different perspective. There is no longer a 'Primary School' and 'Secondary School' design template, which dictates your site layout. Each site has the same amount of functionality integrated into it, and is then personalised by the school choosing which designs (on a panel-by-panel basis) they would like to use. These panels (i.e. 'News' 'Calendar' and 'Twitter') can be reordered on the home page, turned on or off, and changed at any point by the school. 

This technology means that if, for example, the school has fantastic exam results in August, it can move the 'Attainment' statistics graph above all of the other panels to ensure that it is seen first. Likewise News, Student Case Studies, Calendars and Social Media Feeds can all be reoredered and have their layouts switched in a few clicks. This means that you can keep your website fresh and up to date as often as you like.

Please click here to view the new designs.

We have currently integrated two alternate layouts for each panel in the inital site build, with the plan to extend this as time progresses. 

Responsive Design

Each of the new websites will be built using Responsive Design. This is a way of building sites so that each page will work seamlessly across any screen size - especially mobile phone and tablet. With more and more parents accessing school information from their phones, we feel that it is imperative that your new site caters for their requirements. A responsive site does not work in the same way as an App, where the user gets a slimmed down version of your site; it is your complete site, with all functionality, downloads and media available. 

Bursting with functionality...

We are excited to launch a number of bespoke modules that have been developed, specifically based on feedback from TKAT academies. We feel that these new ideas will help elevate all of the TKAT websites beyond other school sites currently on the market. 

Some of these new features include:

A choice of top-level nagivation menus

Within your new website you will have the option of switching between a standard top level menu (with dropdowns) or a dynamic slide-in side menu on desktop sites. 

As with the current website, you will also have the ability to individually manage your site page structure via the CMS. You will be able to add, edit and delete an unlimited amount of pages within three levels of navigation, which will be reflected across the desktop, tablet and mobile versions of the website. As the new sites are responsive, there is no need to manage an external App or give parents a 'slimline' version of the site if viewed on a smartphone. 

Colour palette and fonts

Each site that is built will be personlaised to your school. As well as photography and text content we will add your schools' primary and secondary colours throughout the site, as well as a choice of fonts. You will have the option to choose from two alternative fonts at the design stage of your site.

Student Case Studies

There is no better way of showcasing all of the great things that happen in school, than via student case studies. This new module will allow you to post an image and quotation from students within your school, directly into a dynamic home page panel. This gives potential parents a great insight into day to day life at your school. 

Ofsted Key Information

As part of your next Ofsted inspection, your website will be evauated to ensure that important information can be quickly and easily accessed from any device. Our new Key Information module gives you the tools to categorise and manage all of this information in one place. As a dedicated area for Ofsted, an inspector can now visit one site page and select which information they are looking for, whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

News and Social media

The site integrates an automatic Twitter feed onto home page (two layout options). Also, our News module now allows you to Tweet news articles straight to your Twitter account via the CMS, meaning that you no longer have to manage Twitter as a separate entity. 

News can now be categorised by the school (categories set up in the CMS) and are auto-archived by month and year, meaning that as time progresses your news area will not become overwhelmingly busy. Parents can also share your good news via their own social media accounts, using the automated 'share' icon on each of your news articles.

News articles can also be pushed to the news feed for increased exposure.

Upcoming Events

The site calendar has been refined, allowing users to switch between a 'list' view of dates, or a more traditional 'month' layout - this is done by each individual user as their own preference. Calendar dates are still applied into categories by the school, and parents can now subscribe to a particular category (i.e. Sports Fixtures) meaning those dates will copy onto their personal phone and update each time you add new ones to your website.

This is a great way of ensuring communication levels between the school and parents are high!

Attainment and Statistics

We have created a new module for schools to showcase their results, using CMS-driven graphs. Whether it be exam results or money raised for Comic Relief, the school can now add info graphics and animated pie charts to their home page to really show off attainment. 

There are a choice of two variations, both of which can be seen on the 'New Site Design' page



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