With more and more students, parents and staff accessing school websites on the go, Responsive Website Design is becoming a necessity in today’s online climate.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website Design is a fluid website framework that adapts itself to fit any screen size, this means it enables quicker and smoother access to content on any device (including smartphones and tablets). A responsive website will provide an enhanced user experience, and give an overall better representation of you school online. With an increased number of potential students and staff now likely to use your site as their first point of contact, the necessity to make a good first impression through your website has never been more important.

Why Go Responsive?

Google Search Compliant
Google has recently announced they are changing their search criteria to favour responsive websites. Quite simply responsive websites will rank higher on search engines when using a mobile device, than non-responsive desktop sites. This could mean that competing schools in your local area with responsive websites will rank above you in search engine results.

Ofsted Ready
It is common practise that Ofsted will review your website prior to an inspection. They will expect the website to be compliant and key information to be easily accessible. As a benefit of updating your site to a new responsive design we offer a 'Key Information Module', which will help you collate compliant information in a dedicated area.

Mobile Usage
Mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales this year, and mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop usage by the end of 2015.

Key benefits of converting your website to a new responsive design with Cleverbox:

  • A quicker, smoother user experience across all devices

  • Meeting Google's new search criteria for higher ranking on mobile devices

  • A new 'Key Information' module to assist with OFSTED compliance

  • A new and improved Content Management System

For further information on Responsive Website Design, please click here to read our related blog article.

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