The new website framework will be available from February 2016. 

In order to apply for this upgrade. please register your interest here, and a member of the Cleverbox team will contact you to get your project up and running. 

We have already received a number of request from academies expressing an interest in converting to the new system. Subsequent sites will then be developed on a 'first come, first serve' basis, and an individual schedule will be sent to each school upon application. 

The process is as follows: 

Upon receiving your registration of interest, you will be supplied with a 'TKAT Website Brief Document'. 

This document will be supplied in PDF format, and is your opportunity to supply us with all of your site information. The information that is covered in this document includes:

  • School contact information
  • Social media accounts
  • Site map and page structure
  • Colours and fonts
  • Layout of home page

Once this document is returned to, we will begin work on your site build. 

Brand conformation

The school will be asked to supply Cleverbox with a high resolution EPS or JPG of the logo or badge. If a high resolution version of the logo is not available, the Cleverbox studio can recreate this for you at an hourly rate of £70 per hour (exact cost will depend on brief). Alternatively, if the school wishes to rebrand and create a new logo, then please enquire on your 'Registration of Interest' form and a member of the studio team will be in touch. 

Site build and testing

Our web development team will create your new website to the specifications you have given us in the Brief Document. The site is then tested across all devices, including tablet and mobile devices. 

Timescale for this process: Approx 4 weeks from receipt of Brief Document

Content supply

Cleverbox have agreed to populate 30 pages of core content into your site, as well as 5 news articles, 5 calendar dates and a selection of header and gallery images. If content is being copied across from your current site, then we will ask you to supply us with the link of each relevant page. For schools who wish to write new content, an online Dropbox will be created and you will be asked to supply your new content in the form of Word documents. 


Images for your new site will also need to be supplied via the Dropbox. Please note that we cannot copy across images from your current website - this is because previously uploaded images would have been automatically optimised, and will no longer be a large enough file size for the new website. 

If you require new photography for your website, Cleverbox do offer this as an additional service. Please click here for further information on our photography service. 

CMS training

We will carry out a one hour remote training session, to explain how your new CMS system works. Please note that no site can be launched until a training session has been completed, as the school will be responsible for managing the site content once live.  

Final content upload

Once the training has been completed, the school will be responsible for the upload of any further content. When all content has been uploaded, the site can be pushed live. The school will retain the current web address, and the sites will simply switch from the old site to the new. 

A new website conversion is estimated to take between 6-8 weeks from receipt of Brief Document to pushing the website live. 

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