High quality photography is imperative to the positive impact of your new website.

A new responsive website will enlarge photographs to fill the users screen, making it even more important to select the right shots. 

As an additional service, Cleverbox can provide your school with either a full day or a half day of professioal photography. 

Full Day: £750 per session
Half Day: £400 per session *

* Please note that a half day can only be booked alongside another TKAT school, making a full day of photography. The transit time between the two schools must be no more than 30mins by car. Half day sessions run from 9am - midday (morning session) and then 1pm - 4pm (afternoon session). 

Photography sessions are timetabled and art-directed in advance of the shoot. We would suggest that schools with 1000+ students should opt for a full day and schools with 500 students or under a half day. Please note that the photos taken during this session will be specifically for your new website - the school will be able to use them internally for other purposes, but all images will be shot to the aspect ratio of your new website (i.e. landscape format)

For more information on the Cleverbox photography service, please visit our portfolio by clicking here.

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