Complaints Guidance: For the effective and efficient handling of your concern.

If you have a concern or difficulty, and following discussions and meetings with staff you feel that the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you are advised to obtain a copy of the relevant Complaints Procedure/Policy for guidance.

Academy Complaint

Every TKAT Academy has their own Complaints Procedure/Policy and a copy is readily available from the school office for guidance.  Alternatively, you may download a copy from the school website; please click here to be directed to our Academies page.

Please note that Academy complaints are not handled by the TKAT Centre. 

Centre Complaint

If your concern is in relation to a TKAT Centre issue only, please download the Complaints Policy available here for guidance.

SCITT Complaint

If your concern is in relation to a SCITT issue only, please download a copy of the Complaints Policy, available here for guidance.

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