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Welcome to TKAT and the business opportunities available to suppliers who want to work with us.

The current opportunities available to suppliers are being managed through the Education portal hosted by In-Tend:


Provision of LED Lighting and Ceiling Replacement Works Rainham School for Girls, Gillingham, ME8 0BX

Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS) funding has been secured for the project and including a contribution from the The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT) the budget for the work is approximately £184,000 (excl.VAT).

It is expected that work should be able to commence by the end of June / beginning July 2021 and is to be completed by 27 August 2021.
Bidders are strongly recommended to attend a site visit to see for themselves the work that is required. The site visit has been arranged for 10.00am on 3 June 2021.

Tenders to be submitted no later than 12:00 hours 14 June 2021 via the e-portal hosted by In-Tend:



By registering on the Education portal hosted by In-Tend (as above) you will see other opportuites available from other organisations within the Education sector.

Subject to other opportunities becoming available and advertised on our website you may want to explore otehr opportunities on the .gov websites supported by the UK Government that are advertising opportunities i.e. Contracts Finder for low value contract opportunities and Find a Tender Service (FTS) for high vaue contract opportunities.

Please register as a supplier via the link and should a requirement arise within your category of activity TKAT will contact you and advise you of the opportunity.


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