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Online Menopause Workshops - Session 7 - Hot Flushes

Course Ref: TK210
Start Date: Thu, 23rd Jun 2022
Time: 04:15PM - 04:45PM
Register By: Tue, 21st Jun 2022
Cost: Free TKAT Employees Only
Location: TKAT Virtual Online Training Academy Online Only, AA1 1AA
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This is the seventh session of what is a 10-week online programme arranged by TKAT, facilitated by Menohealth in order to support, raise awareness and learn together about the menopause. These sessions are just 30 minutes long and all employee’s male and female are welcome to attend. It would be great if you could sign up to attend the remaining 3 sessions however this is not mandatory. During each session employees will also be able to ask the experts questions and therefore due to some topics being of sensitive nature sessions are not recorded.



Session 7 - Hot flushes:

In this seventh session we look a what causes hot flushes and night sweats and practical ways to cope with this at work and home. We will also look at pelvic floor and abdominal relaxation exercises. Remember to sign up to the next session if you haven’t done so already.

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