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National Secondary Education Curriculum Conference

Posted on: 19th Jan 2023

TKAT’s Vickie Shaw (Headteacher, Rainham School for Girls) and Kay Tinsley Director of Teaching and Learning) joined Amelia Walker (Assistant Director Education, Somerset County Council) to present at a national conference this week.

Over fifty TKAT secondary teachers and leaders from across the Trust attended online, with many more expected to download the presentations this week.

The main focus of the event was the collaboration between Somerset Local Authority and TKAT which is led by David Linsell (Director of Local Governance, Secondary Curriculum and TKAT ACE (A Champion for Every Child) This innovative research project has resulted in a change in our approach to curriculum across our #oneTKATfamily. 

Kay explored the changes at Trust level through the lens of English and reading in terms of culture and outcomes. Vickie talked eloquently about leading change at Rainham School for Girls culminating in a highly successful Ofsted inspection outcome. 

The next steps are for participants in the project to work to capture the success of the project in a research paper. 

Feedback from the conference was positive, with colleagues agreeing that the project, and the collaborative working will enhance leaning outcomes for TKAT pupils going forward.

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