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TKAT ACE Conference 2022

Posted on: 5th Dec 2022

TKAT ACE leads from across the Trust packed the Atkins Centre HQ for the first TKAT ACE Leads Conference earlier this month.

As  #OneTKATfamily, we were able to celebrate our successes, reflect on our work in the context of the TKAT strategy, learn from experts about the power of research and evaluation and the brain science of poverty, deepen our understanding of the importance of self-efficacy and learn about how Ofsted observed the impact of TKAT ACE.

TKAT colleagues also took the opportunity to hold regional meetings where they shared our approaches and demonstrated the truth and value of the TKAT ACE approach of one compelling principle with manifold implementation.

The Conference included 

Dr  Karen Roberts, (TKAT CEO), David Linsell, (Director for TKAT ACE), Beth Williams, (School Partnerships), Ben Eason (Rainham School for Girls), Matt Roberts (Thomas Bennett Community College) and Sian Roberts (Newlands Primary School) 

The guest keynote speaker was Sean Harris, Trust Improvement Lead at Tees Valley Education Trust, who spoke about 'The Brain Science of Poverty'

Following his presentation, Sean visited schools to see TKAT ACE in action.  At Gray's Farm Primary Academy, he witnessed the leadership's enthusiasm for the programme, the deep knowledge of the pupils and the total commitment and responsiveness of the Tutors. 
He was moved to watch the interaction between a Tutor and a young pupil as she was helped to cope with having a sick mother.   At Orchards Academy, he met two pupils who the programme had help turn around. One who now had the confidence to talk about his learning with authority and pride. Another whose behaviour had dramatically improved,  she said: " my ACE Tutor helped me to listen to people, because they are usually right"   
At Rainham School for Girls, he was impressed by pupils who could talk openly and maturely about their issues and how their Tutors were helping them.  Sean's passing comment to the Tutors he met was, "I have one problem with you, you are too modest about what you do!"
Sean continued: "My highlight was visiting @TKATACE schools. Talking with children & staff across schools about how they are using mentoring to tackle educational disadvantage"

Feedback from TKAT colleagues at the conference was also positive:

"It really was an enlightening day and I have taken many things away that I can focus on with the team"

Thank you to all involved.

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