Posted on 3rd December 2020

Tuesday 1st December 2020 saw the launch of TKAT’s virtual Wellbeing Conference.

Fifty mental health and wellbeing leaders from the TKAT family of schools joined the online event, which brought learning professionals and educational experts together to share best practice around the promotion of pupil and staff wellbeing.

The event proudly hosted two inspiring external speakers; Mental Health Campaigner and author Natasha Devon MBE and Andrew Wright of ‘Action Your Potential’.

Natasha tours schools, colleges, universities and events throughout the world, delivering talks as well as conducting research on mental health, body image, gender and social equality. She is author of ‘A Beginners Guide to Being Mental: An A-Z'  and 'Yes You Can Ace Your Exams Without Losing Your Mind’.

At the conference, Natasha delivered a fascinating, in-depth training session; exploring practical ways to incorporate the three key skills for good mental health into school life - Critical Thinking, Healthy Coping Strategies for Stress/Anxiety and Emotional Literacy, using a whole-school approach. The masterclass included tips on peer support and early symptom-spotting for mental illness, with a particular emphasis on self-harm and eating disorders. 

The second guest speaker, Andrew Wright, gave a presentation on how to transform wellbeing, learning progress and parental engagement through daily practices that work with our brains. In an enthusiastic and inspiring talk, he laid out a roadmap based on neuroscience, cognitive science and world-class pedagogy linking living well and learning well. 

Delegates were also able to hear about exceptional practice from 2 TKAT schools, Cleeve Meadow School and Drapers Mills Primary Academy.

Feedback from the audience was very positive:

 I found this conference so interesting and useful, not just in terms of my job role at the school but in the role I have as a parent as well. Natasha Devon was really engaging, and I loved her analogies around the subject of mental health. It really broke everything down in what can be a very overwhelming subject.

I really enjoyed the well-being conference, it was engaging, thought-provoking and equipped us with practical techniques we could use in our own learning, as well as with our own well-being."

Thank you to all contributors and delegates who made the day such a success.


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