Posted on 19th March 2021

TKAT held a special virtual conference for a cohort of Newly Qualified Teachers recently, which attracted 70 attendees.

There were a variety of online sessions, and the key guest speaker was award-winning teacher-educator, designer and author Peps Mccrea. Peps is Dean of Learning Design at Ambition Institute, author of the’ High Impact Teaching’ series, and holds fellowships from the Young Academy and University of Brighton. He attended the conference to discuss ideas and strategies from his most recent book ‘Motivated Teaching’.

Peps explored the science of motivation for learning, and the group learned how to boost pupil attention and effort, in both remote and face to face lessons.

Other guest speakers included Andrew Wright from ‘Action Your Potential’ who gave a talk entitled ‘Change Your Mind, Change Your World’; an engaging, innovative and unique session where Andrew explained how, when we make a commitment to daily well-being habits we can change our whole world.

TKAT’s Scott Wilson gave a presentation about ‘Building Relationships & Behaviour Strategies’ that can support new teachers with challenging behaviour, and TKAT’s Gemma King showcased a number of ideas and strategies for remote learning lessons in secondary schools.

Successful remote learning in primary schools was the subject explored by Cat McKeever, who gave opportunities to share best practice, as well as pinpointing how best to provide inspirational and engaging lessons. There was a focus on lesson inputs, activities, feedback and assessment.

TKAT’s Rachel Ward finished the day by explaining how all TKAT newly qualified teachers have the opportunity to have a personalised wellbeing action plan to support them to take care of their mental health and wellbeing, and how to craft this to maximise this support.

Feedback from the delegates was very positive, with enthusiastic attendees feeling inspired and confident to take their newfound learning and apply it in their classrooms.

Well done to all involved.

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