TKAT Apprenticeship Pathway

Why choose an apprenticeship?


  • Tailored on-the-job training allows employees to apply their skills and knowledge from the very first day of the apprenticeship.
  • Apprenticeships are open to people of all ages, backgrounds and career levels, which enables development of diversified talent across the organisation.
  • Employees develop into highly skilled staff that bring value to the organisation, which can be applied throughout their careers.


Apprenticeships are not just for young people and new recruits. Anyone can become an apprentice at any age and benefit from government funding to support their apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are for existing employees as well as new recruits

A range of apprenticeships relevant to schools are available such as school business professional apprenticeships, teaching assistant apprenticeships and a number of other fields for example, business and administration, catering and hospitality, facilities management, digital professions, accounting and finance. Apprenticeships are available at a variety of levels and designed to be flexible so that, to an extent, you can tailor the training to the specific needs of your school or department. 

A  full list of available apprenticeships can be found here


We are currently offering TKAT enriched apprenticeships through our partnership with National College of Education:


L3 Future Leaders Programme

L5 Education Management Programme

L7 Senior Leadership Programme


To enquire about an apprenticeship or accessing the apprenticeship levy funds please email:

To apply for access to the apprenticeship levy funds please complete the following google form:

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