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Posted on: 15th Jun 2021

TKAT is set to launch our first-ever Wellbeing Week campaign next week: 21st - 25th June, to coincide with World Wellbeing Week.

The purpose of the campaign is to remind everyone in the TKAT community - pupils, families, staff, leaders - that their positive mental health and wellbeing is important. We want to keep everyone in the TKAT family healthy, safe and well.

The Wellbeing Week campaign will be used to highlight what individuals can do to promote their own positive mental health and wellbeing, encourage our staff, pupils and families to support each other, and to signpost the key sources of help and support.

There will be lots going on throughout the week: 

For every day of the Wellbeing Campaign, TKAT's schools will participate in "Pay It Forward" exercise, involving pupils, staff and parents. The idea is to support others by doing a good deed for someone - then that person should 'Pay it Forward' by doing a good deed for someone else and so on.

Our schools have also been invited to deliver a special assembly to their pupils which promotes awareness of the importance of keeping well.

TKAT's corporate Twitter feed @TKATAcademies will feature a a 'Wellbeing Tip Of The Day' which will link to an extended article on the same theme here on our corporate website. At the end of the week, all 5 tips will be re-created in a slideshow and published on Twitter. 

We have designed an online TKAT Wellbeing Week Magazine  which will include lots of articles, support and advice on mental health and wellbeing. This will be distributed to all our schools and staff.

We will be hosting online mindfulness sessions for TKAT staff every morning and afternoon, to promote the benefits of daily meditation.

TKAT will also be hosting an online support group for parents or carers who are caring for someone with a mental health issue. (More details are available in the TKAT Wellbeing Week Magazine).

Special drinks coasters have been designed, with help from The Cameron Grant Memorial Trust . These feature support helplines for young people, with an additional version for staff, and will be distributed to all TKAT schools.

TKAT's CEO, Dr Karen Roberts said:

 "As a Trust, we recognise that the health and wellbeing of our staff and pupils is of utmost importance; we realise that, for our pupils, educational achievement happens when mental and physical health is optimised – and similarly, our colleagues give their best and reach their goals when they are rested, inspired and energised. 

Of course, positive mental health and wellbeing matters every day, but during this Wellbeing Week especially, we will be signposting to key sources of help and support. I personally will be joining in with the ‘Pay It Forward’ exercise and doing a good deed or two during the week!"

Please check back to our website news section each day to read our informative wellbeing articles, and follow the campaign's progress on Twitter: @TKATAcademies


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