TKAT's first Student Council Conference is a success!

Posted on 9th March 2020

26 February 2020 saw the launch of TKAT's first Student Council Conference. Fifty students from TKAT Academies came together to explore 'Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools'.

The day was designed to examine how best to raise awareness of the importance of student wellbeing, raise self esteem, build resiliance and change negative thought patterns.

The students also looked at ways to improve physical and mental health, and how to build initiatives to drive things forward in their schools.

The Keynote Speaker was Andrew Wright, from 'Action Your Potential' who explained the power of neuroscience and how it can be used to transform our understanding of ourselves. Andrew said "Once you understand how the brain works, its impossible to return to the naive state - you'll never look at yourself the same way again!".

The feedback from the day was very positive, with students feeling inspired; they reported feeling better equipped to deal with challenges, and ready to share their new found knowledge back in their classrooms.

Thanks are extended to all those involved in the successful first conference. We have put together a short video of memories from the day - watch it here! 

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