TKAT offers online skills training to teaching staff during lockdown

Posted on 28th April 2020

April 2020 is proving to be an unprecedented and challenging time for all of us, requiring us to find new ways of working and coping with lockdown conditions.

TKAT usually provides its teaching staff with continual professional development opportunities in the form of courses, workshops, seminars, conferences and training programmes. However, with the restrictions imposed by the Government, this has proved more difficult, so TKAT has teamed up with Action Your Potential, an Educational Consultancy, to deliver a series of ten, 30-minute online webinars for teaching staff.

Starting from 30th April, TKAT staff can tune in each week to learn about how nueroscience can help pupils (and us all) to maximise our learning potential.

Subjects include how we can train our brains to have more willpower, how we can use our brain's nueroplacticity to support new positive habits, and increase our effort into tasks. This new knowledge will help to enhance and amplify learning skills.

These webinars are just one way that TKAT is ensuring that our teaching staff continue to receive cutting-edge professional development, so that our pupils can benefit from their expertise and acheive their potential, both in and out of the classroom.




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