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Primary Leadership Training for Headteachers: Supporting School Improvement

Course Ref: TK164
Start Date: Wed, 8th Dec 2021
Time: 01:00PM - 03:00PM
Register By: Fri, 3rd Dec 2021
Cost: Free TKAT Employees Only
Location: TKAT Virtual Online Training Academy Online Only, AA1 1AA
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Target Audience:



Overview of workshop:

Supporting School Improvement - Improving data monitoring for tracking pupil progress and attainment of all pupils. A strategic view of assessment and questions all Heads should be able to answer using assessment, data and tracking.


Additional Information:


The is no parking on site at The Mill Primary Academy, The only parking near the school is in the residential streets opposite and around the school. 



Almost all the COVID restrictions have now been lifted at the Atkins Centre as there is no longer a requirement for social distancing or wearing a face covering in an indoor setting.  We will however continue to ensure that all rooms are well ventilated, ensure there is more regular cleaning and encourage regular hand washing / use of hand sanitiser.

If for any reason you have not taken up the Covid-19 vaccination, or remain clinically vulnerable, we would advise the following:

• TKAT employees who have disclosed non vaccination status should make us aware of any additional control measures that they need in place in order to stay safe.

• Other visitors should disclose any additional needs related to Covid-19.

If you experience any of the main COVID symptoms, you must not attend the Atkins Centre and arrange for a COVID PCR test. You should then follow Test and Trace/Government guidance.



Just a reminder that all attendees are expected to be dressed in a professional and business-like manner unless otherwise stated in the event details.

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