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Managing Medication Training

Course Ref: TK229
Start Date: Wed, 29th Jun 2022
Time: 09:00AM - 04:00PM
Register By: Thu, 16th Jun 2022
Cost: £410 per TKAT employee
Location: Dame Janet Primary Academy Newington Road, Ramsgate, CT12 6QY
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This 3-day event (29th June, 30th June & 6th July) is compulsory training for every school. If a representative from your school did not attend either of the 3 previously run workshops, then please ensure they book to attend this workshop. All 3 days must be attended.


Target Audience: 

Senior management, teaching, childcare, and support staff who are responsible for policy and practice for managing medication and welfare issues for children and young persons.


Overview of workshop:

Content - delegates will receive instruction on the classification of medicines, legislation, and guidelines on the safe management of medication in schools and the best practice currently sought.

Description - This 3-day course is certified by One Awards Level 3 and will train staff to appreciate and understand the guidelines and key medication related issues. This will equip staff and managers to examine and assess their own practice and develop improved and safer procedures to the latest Human Medicines (Amendment) Regulations October 2017. To achieve accreditation delegate will submit completed work for assessment.

This now includes training in anaphylaxis signs and symptoms and competency assessment in the safe administration of Adrenaline auto-injectors. Delivered by John Kimberley SEN, FPHC-RCSEd (AP), MIHM, NEBOSH(NGC).



Objectives of workshop:

Delegates will be instructed in the practicalities of:

  • Classification of Controlled Drugs and Medicines
  • Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions
  • Implications of the December 2015 DfE Statutory Guidance supporting pupils with medical conditions
  • Implications of the revised EYFS
  • Children's access to Non-Prescribed Medication
  • Decisions about whether to give a child Medication
  • Minimising risk factors for Children and Staff
  • Storing Medications
  • Setting up and using Record Keeping Systems
  • Emergency Inhalers and Auto Adrenaline-Injectors -Human Medicines (Amendment) Regulations 2014 and 2017
  • Legal background and Relevant Legislation
  • School medication policy key factors and compilation
  • Monitoring and reviewing the situation in each setting
  • Writing Individual Healthcare Plans and Consent issues


Additional Information


Almost all the COVID restrictions have now been lifted at the Atkins Centre as there is no longer a requirement for social distancing or wearing a face covering in an indoor setting.  We will however continue to ensure that all rooms are well ventilated, ensure there is more regular cleaning and encourage regular hand washing / use of hand sanitiser.

If for any reason you have not taken up the Covid-19 vaccination, or remain clinically vulnerable, we would advise the following:

• TKAT employees who have disclosed non vaccination status should make us aware of any additional control measures that they need in place in order to stay safe.

• Other visitors should disclose any additional needs related to Covid-19.

If you experience any of the main COVID symptoms, you must not attend and arrange for a COVID PCR test. You should then follow Test and Trace/Government guidance.



Just a reminder that all attendees are expected to be dressed in a professional and business-like manner unless otherwise stated in the event details. Please wear your school ID badge at all times whilst on the premisis.


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