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TKAT’s Chichester High School: Combined Cadet Force pupils pose for their first picture with new Headteacher Alaric Govan.

Posted on: 20th Mar 2023

Pupils at TKAT’s Chichester High School who are part of the Combined Cadet Force proudly displayed their uniforms recently, in their first picture with the new Headteacher Alaric Govan.

Mr Govan said:

 “The Combined Cadet Force has a long history at Chichester High School and I am very proud of the students who attend each week.

The skills and discipline that they learn during these sessions are ones that will no doubt help them in school and in later life. They are always incredibly smart and wear their uniforms with pride.

They are a credit to the CCF and to the school.”

Becoming a cadet within the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) provides many exciting opportunities for the pupils, they take part in lots of challenging military-themed activities such as Fieldcraft, Adventurous Training, First Aid, Sports and Shooting.

The cadets are part of a select team made up of other pupils across a variety of age groups from the school.

Each pupil wears the uniform and follows the ethos of their chosen Service (Army or Royal Air Force at CHS). Each Service, or Section as they are called within the CCF, follows their own training syllabus with their own specialist topics. They all include aspects of:

  • Military Knowledge
  • Drill and Turnout
  • Fieldcraft
  • First Aid
  • Navigation
  • Skill at Arms (Rifle handling and shooting)
  • Adventurous Training opportunities could include mountain walking, canoeing, gliding and offshore sailing.
  • Cadet and the Community

Progression through the syllabus allows each cadet to gain promotion within their chosen CCF contingent, taking on leadership responsibilities and assisting other cadets with their experience.

Much of the training that is available helps to develop skills useful for later in life; The experiences help to make cadets a more interesting and rounded person; also, by gaining promotion or by successfully completing courses outside school, they will have gained invaluable experiences that will demonstrate their motivation and persistence when it comes to completing either a CV or University application. 

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