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TKAT Science Leads Conference 2024

Posted on: 22nd Jan 2024

TKAT'S 'Team Science' colleagues from across the Trust had a productive training conference at The Mill Primary Academy in Crawley last week.

Nicola Cole from STEM led an inspiring session on 'Maths in Science' which really got the team thinking about the similarities and differences between how shared concepts are taught, the language used and the fundamental principles needed to improve student outcomes.

The training proved an enlightening experience for attendees, who were pupils themselves when asked to complete difficult calculations.  It was a reminder of the many reasons students may struggle on maths questions, including anxiety leading to a lack of motivation to attempt the question; the resilience required to push through the hard thinking; and the need for confidence and reassurance from others.

Feedback on the day from TKAT colleagues was very positive, and comments included 'I'm feeling excited at the prospect of integrating the science and maths curriculum to benefit all our learners.' 

Thank you to the science leads who attended and focused on shared success and improved outcomes for the whole TKAT family.  

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