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Posted on: 21st Jul 2021

TKAT hosted its first-ever Wellbeing Week in June, with a variety of events and publications to highlight what individuals can do to promote their own positive mental health and wellbeing, encourage our staff, pupils and families to support each other, and to signpost the key sources of help and support.

TKAT schools participated in a "Pay It Forward" exercise, supporting others by doing good deeds. Schools were also invited to deliver a special assembly to their pupils which promoted awareness of the importance of keeping well.

TKAT's corporate Twitter feed featured a 'Wellbeing Tip Of The Day' which linked to an extended article on the same theme. Online mindfulness sessions were held for TKAT staff every morning and afternoon, to promote the benefits of daily meditation, and TKAT also hosted an online support group for parents and carers who are caring for someone with a mental health issue.

TKAT staff members engaged in Wellbeing Week and prioritised their wellbeing in different ways – one employee in the HR Team increased her exercise. She joined a ‘Beginners to Runners’ group, completed her first 5k road run and received a certificate to mark her achievement.

Other colleagues improved their wellbeing by being outdoors in nature - visiting the seaside and joining their friends for an afternoon tea.

Some examples of how our pupils celebrated the week include:

  • Children at Gray's Farm Academy made 'helping hands' and identified people who they can turn to for support when they need it.
  • Children at The Bewbush Academy made 'kindness chains' in celebration of Wellbeing Week and made homemade biscuits for their teacher.
  • Bridgemary School pupils practised showing gratitude and left 'thank you' notes in their teachers' pigeon holes and made their parents cups of tea.
  • Children at Royal Park Primary Academy went outside into nature and did some gardening. They also had a day of random kindness - and children wrote down how it made them feel.

Remember it’s important to consider your wellbeing and prioritise your own self-care. Download TKAT's Wellbeing Week Magazine for more tips and ideas.

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