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Secondary Reading Conference is a hit with TKAT colleagues

Posted on: 8th Jul 2022

34 teaching and learning professionals from across TKAT schools came together last week to attend a Secondary Reading Conference. Zurich Municipal ( was the corporate supporter for the event, and we would like to thank them for their very generous support.

At TKAT, reading is at the heart of our curriculum because we know that reading is our superpower.

Across the Trust we aim to create a whole-school culture of curiosity and a love of reading. We select and use texts that open worlds beyond our immediate experience so that our pupils are challenged and enlightened.

Every TKAT teacher recognises the value of reading and understands that reading is the key to success across the whole curriculum.  All staff are provided with the tools to be a teacher of reading, and the Secondary Reading Conference offered the opportunity for reading leaders to share expertise to use in the classroom.

Guest speakers at the event included Renaissance team members Tamsin Moore and Frances Kingston. The topics explored included:

 ‘Insuring that Reading Drives and Supports the Wider Curriculum’

‘Why Reading Matters in TKAT -  The Ofsted Lens’

‘Building a Whole School Reading Culture’

‘Secondary Reading -The National Picture’ and

‘Accelerating Reading’

Feedback from the event was positive - colleagues from Renaissance said: “It is a pleasure to work with TKAT as they are such a caring and passionate organisation.”

Well done to all involved! 

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