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Posted on: 19th Nov 2021

Students at TKAT’s Kemnal Technology College found themselves inspired by science earlier this month at the school’s Science Fair.

The theme of the fair was 'Science For The Future' and it was organised by the school’s Science Ambassadors, coordinated by science teacher Dr Mary Oguike

Pupils aged 12-16 came together to learn more about some of the projects featured, with topics such as magnetism, sustainable development, electricity, nuclear power generation, the power of the pancreas, atomic structure and volcanic eruptions.

Several on-site experiments took place, with pupils participating in ‘how to convert lemons to light’, ‘how not to kill the world’, and experiments which answered the question: ‘how do magnets work?’

Since the fair, there has been a sharp rise in pupils asking to join the Science Ambassadors, highlighting a rise in pupil confidence in the subject, and a positive raise in the profile of the science dept of the school.

Dr Oguike was delighted with the success of the fair. She commented:

“Students had passionate engagement with their various topics. They understood the importance of repeating experiments and providing specific recommendations based on their research findings. In general, it was a fantastic experience for the students, judges and teachers. 

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